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What is moving labor? And why should I use it?

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Moving labor is a section of the moving industry that provides professional movers without the truck. With the rise in popularity of large nationwide truck renting companies like Uhaul, Penske, Ryder, Budget and portable container companies like ABF, and Pods. People are finding it cheaper to rent their own truck/pod and move their belongings themselves instead of hiring an expensive full service moving company. The problem is moving is hard work, and most people are not skilled at it, or they simply can’t find enough people to help out. Friends and family tend to be a bit unreliable when it comes to helping you move. That’s where we come in, All Aspects moving provides professional moving labor for rental truck customers. Now you can enjoy the benefits of a professional move at half the price.

Customers rent their own trucks, pods ,trailers, etc., then hire us to carefully pack and secure there items in boxes, professionally load/unload their trucks, drive the rental truck, and clean their house or apt when we’re done.

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There are several benefits to using moving labor. Below I have highlighted a few of the main advantages including: Price, Flexibility, Control and Peace of Mind.

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