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What is moving labor? And why should I use it?

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Moving labor is a section of the moving industry that provides professional movers without the truck. With the rise in popularity of large nationwide truck renting companies like Uhaul, Penske, Ryder, Budget and portable container companies like ABF, and Pods. People are finding it cheaper to rent their own truck/pod and move their belongings themselves instead of hiring an expensive full service moving company. The problem is moving is hard work, and most people are not skilled at it, or they simply can’t find enough people to help out. Friends and family tend to be a bit unreliable when it comes to helping you move. That’s where we come in, All Aspects moving provides professional moving labor for rental truck customers. Now you can enjoy the benefits of a professional move at half the price.

Customers rent their own trucks, pods ,trailers, etc., then hire us to carefully pack and secure there items in boxes, professionally load/unload their trucks, drive the rental truck, and clean their house or apt when we’re done.

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There are several benefits to using moving labor. Below I have highlighted a few of the main advantages including: Price, Flexibility, Control and Peace of Mind.

Obviously one of the main factors when considering a moving labor company. All Aspects moving can complete your local or long distance move 40-60% cheaper than any full service moving company.

We achieve this by keeping our operating cost low. We don’t have a fleet of trucks to pay for, or insure, and maintain. So we pass those savings directly to our customers, In fact up to 50% of what you pay a full service moving company goes directly to paying for and maintaining their fleet, so why pay an inflated cost to a full service company when you can rent the same truck for a fraction of the cost, and then hire All Aspects moving to load it up. We are so affordable that you no longer have to depend on unreliable friends and family that never show up, or do terrible work.

You can hire All Aspects moving for around what you would spend buying beer and pizza for your friends and family for helping you move, and I guarantee they will thank you for hiring us.

U-Rent it, We load it, U-Save $

Another factor when considering hiring a moving labor company. Customers rent their own trucks therefore they have the flexibility to use All Aspects moving in any capacity they would like. . We can move everything or just concentrate on the big furniture and appliances and leave the small items for you. We can work alongside your inexperienced friends and family to make the move go faster, and make sure the truck is loaded/unloaded properly. 

These options are not available with a full service company. They are not going to allow you to save money by helping plus their insurance provider will not allow customers to help because of certain liabilities. Also when a customer rents their own truck they have the option to rent a variety of different sized trucks, so you never have to pay for more truck than you need.

If you live in a one bed room apartment you don’t need to pay for a 26ft truck when all you need is a 10ft or 12ft truck. Most full service companies only provide one size truck no matter the size of your move, and you are going to pay for the whole truck whether you use the whole truck or not.

A main factor when considering moving labor. When a customer hires a full service moving company they are relinquishing a lot of control to that company. Although you are the owner of your furnishings once your items are on their truck they are the temporary owners of your property. What’s the problem with that? you might ask. The answer is nothing as long as the move goes smooth, but if move starts to go bad it can be very problematic for you.

For example, let’s say there’s a discrepancies about a damaged item. You feel that the damage was caused by the movers, but the movers are not taking responsibility for it, so you refuse to pay. Since your items are on their truck they can legally keep possession of your items until the issues are resolved in their favor, essentially holding your items hostage until you pay or win a law suit against them.

However when you rent your own truck and hire moving labor, this could never happen because the truck is in your name and therefore your items are always in your possession. The movers have no leverage to use against you, and they have greater incentive to do a good job, and be accountable.

When you rent your own truck for a long distance or cross country move from a nationwide truck rental company like Uhaul, Penske, Ryder, and Budget.

You have the peace of mind that if something happens to that truck on the way to your destination whether it be an accident or some kind of mechanical issue that prevents you from making it to your destination these companies will stand behind their trucks and do whatever it takes to get you back on track including paying for movers to unload your items off of the broken down truck onto a working truck anywhere in the continental united states If you use a local full service moving company for a cross country move ,and their truck breaks down hundreds of miles away from their office 9 times out of 10 they are not going to have the resources to get you and your belongings back on track as quick as the rental truck companies would ,and you could be delayed for days instead of hrs.

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