The Best Way To Pack Your Most Precious Kitchen Items

how to easily pack the kitchen

The Best Way To Pack Your Most Precious Kitchen Items

It’s normal to feel anxious about packing and moving your larger appliances and smaller fragile kitchen items. With over 20 years of experience as one of Grand Rapids’ leading moving companies, we understand these concerns. Your kitchen appliances can easily be scratched, and floors can get damaged. China is delicate, and in most cases, these are heirloom pieces you cherish. Here are some great tips for preparing and packing kitchenware and a couple of your large appliances.


  • Declutter
  • Empty out, defrost, clean and dry your big appliances
  • Invest in sturdy packaging and robust moving tools such as a dolly

Large Appliances

Shrink-wrap to avoid scratching, and hang some blankets to prevent drywall damage. Place rubber mats on the floor wherever appliances are rolled to prevent damage. Use a four-wheeled dolly to move the appliances. Packing heavy appliances against the truck’s walls is best, so the weight is evenly distributed. Use rope or ratchet straps to secure them to the truck walls.

  • Refrigerators – Defrost 48 hours before moving, remove shelves and drawers, and pack separately. Make sure all water lines and wiring are disconnected. Refer to your user manual or a plumber. Refrigerators should not be left lying on their sides for too long, as the fluids in the compressor can overflow. If this is unavoidable, wait a few hours before plugging it back in.
  • Washing machines – Unplug your machine, unfasten the water supply, and detach the valves. To prevent damage to your washing machine’s suspension while in transit, you must secure the drum’s transit bolts.

Fragile China And Glassware

Use packing tape to secure the bottoms of your boxes and crumpled paper to pad them. Make sure the packed boxes weigh less than 50 pounds each. Avoid placing heavier items on one side of a box. Pack tightly to minimize shifting.

  • Dishes and bowls – Pad plates with padding and stack similar sizes together.
  • Glasses – Roll each glass diagonally on a sheet of paper and tuck the ends inside. The stems of stemmed glasses need extra paper sheeting.
  • Cups and teapots Wrap cup handles, gently stuff the center and wrap the entire cup as you would a glass. Bubble wrap the handle and the spout, then the entire pot, and tape it closed. Wrap lids separately.
  • Fine China Use extra paper or bubble wrap. Place these items in smaller boxes, and place them in a larger padded box.

There’s no doubt you want your move to go smoothly! For a free estimate, contact us at 517-507-1879. We’ll help you pack and move your items safely. All Aspects Moving is one of the best moving companies in Grand Rapids, and no job is too big or small for us.

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