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Terms & Conditions:

 Section 1. All Aspects Moving will not provide packing material, furniture pads, tie-downs, shrink-wrap or any materials not specifically listed in the above section titled Load information. The customer agrees to provide all packing materials required for move. Packing materials such as furniture pads and tie-downs are strongly recommended to prevent and /or reduce the risk of damage to items during transit. Please inquire how to purchase /rent these items prior to your load date.

The rate(s) is not an estimate for how long it will take to complete your job. If your job takes longer to complete than the minimum time quoted, you will be charged the hourly rate in 30-minute increments until completion. In the case of inclement weather, the customer is responsible for the minimum of the deposit payment should the crew be turned away. Should the job stop within the first two hours sue weather, the customer is responsible for the two-hour minimum total cost. If the crew conditions are unsafe, All Aspects Moving reserves the right to reschedule with no fee to the customer.

Damage Claims:

Section 2. All Aspects Moving will not be liable for any loss thereof or damage thereto or delay caused by an act of God/weather, the public enemy, acts of terrorism, the authority of law, or any act or default of the shipper or owner, or its vendors and /or agents. Drywall or wall damage will not be covered if customer was warned beforehand of the potential of damage. All damage claims must be filed within 90 days of completion of your job, and notice of damages must be provided to All Aspects Moving as provided herein when the damage occurs. Customer further acknowledges that if any damage occurs during the loading and/or unloading process, Customer shall immediately notify the lead crew leader, and require that the damage be noted by the lead crew leader in writing with a full description of the damage and how it occurred. Failure to document on the work ticket any property damage prior to their departure will forfeit any claim of damage to the property against All Aspects Moving. With the purchase of our moving services, All Aspects Moving and its vendors are liable for damage during the load and/or unload ONLY. All Aspects Moving limited liability is a, free of charge, company provided valuation – it is not insurance. All Aspects Moving valuation ends immediately upon crew job site departure. If damage occurs to your household goods while an All Aspects Moving crew member is actively loading/unloading your items, All Aspects Moving valuation coverage is limited to a rate schedule of $00.60 per pound per item. Damage which occurs during transit is not covered for any reason. Items which are part of a pair or set will be valued as individual items. Customer hereby acknowledges that the loader/unloader is not responsible for unsealed cartons or item(s) not packed by All Aspects Moving. Customer further acknowledges that the loader/unloader is not responsible for ceramic, granite, or marble and does not warrant the mechanical condition of appliances, or electronics, as there is no way for the loader/unloader to know the operational ability of each item prior to the move. Pressed Board, particle or compressed wood is excluded from our coverage due to the nature of the material. (We advise Customers to check with their home or renter’s insurance for coverage terms.) Customer further acknowledges that the loader/unloader is not responsible for any damage to pool/billiard tables, pianos or grandfather clocks. Be advised that stock, bonds, fur, jewelry, prescription drugs, paper money, coins and collectibles of any kind will not be covered for any reason. Customer further warrants and represents that Customer will not pack items of this nature, and that Customer, or its designated agent, will be present at all times during the load/unload of Customer’s household goods. Customer hereby further represents and warrants that Customer will inspect the goods prior to All Aspects Moving commencing loading of Customer’s goods, and immediately after unloading. In no event, shall SML be liable for indirect, consequential, incidental, exemplary, punitive or special damages, income, including lost profits, use of other benefits, arising out of or in connection with the performance of All Aspects Moving obligations under this Agreement or any failure of such performance, even if the possibility of such damages had been foreseen by or communicated to All Aspects Moving by Customer.

All Aspects Moving reserves the right to refuse any task or job that is found to be a concern of health, safety, legality, or otherwise at All Aspects Moving sole discretion.

Section 3. Any and all disputes stemming from this agreement or services provided under the scope of this agreement
will be enforceable in the State of Michigan, Eaton County.

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