How to Choose The Best Moving Service Truck In Michigan & How To Pack It

Best Moving Service Truck

How to Choose The Best Moving Service Truck In Michigan & How To Pack It

Choosing the right moving service truck in Lansing, MI is a major decision for any do-it-yourself move. It’s frustrating to choose a truck that seems like it will work, only to find that it’s full before you’ve finished loading half of the garage. Unfortunately, in order to get a larger truck, you will either need to rent another truck or unload everything you just spent the better part of the day packing.

If you don’t choose the right size, you’ll either have to spend more money or spend more time than you would have if you hadn’t. In addition, the moving company might not have the appropriate truck available at such short notice.

This kind of thing can really throw a wrench in your moving plans and end up costing you a lot of money. Our goal in compiling this guide to moving truck sizes and selecting the appropriate one is to save you from having to deal with any of the above- mentioned nightmare scenarios.

Moving safely and efficiently requires that you take measures to safeguard your belongings, make full use of the space available, and distribute the weight throughout the back of the truck. Learn how to pack a moving truck like a pro by following these simple steps.

The Best Way To Pack A Moving Service Truck 

1) Take Stock Of Everything You Need To Load 

Before loading the moving truck, make a complete list of all items to be moved. If you’re on schedule, you should now have all of your smaller and medium-sized items packed away in boxes.

2) Largest Items Need To Be Loaded First

The biggest and heaviest things should be handled first. Mattresses, bed frames, tables, chairs, refrigerators, washers, dryers, sofas, sections, and coffee tables are all examples of furniture. Given their bulk and size, these items need to be placed at the bottom of the moving truck. Load the truck with the heaviest items in the front (near the cab where the driver sits).

3) What Is The First Thing You’ll Need To Unload? 

Organization in the moving truck will benefit you the most if you keep items destined for the same room together. To facilitate unloading, you’ll know exactly where to look for specific items. In a similar manner, you should load your most important belongings last and position them closest to the truck door.

You probably don’t want to unload the entire moving van into your new kitchen just to find the microwave and the fancy shoes you need for that important meeting tomorrow. Planning ahead will help you determine which resources will be most useful to you first.

4) Distribute The Weight Evenly 

Spreading the load out across the truck’s bed is crucial when loading a moving truck. Having the load spread out across the truck bed will prevent a domino effect of falling boxes during loading and unloading. In addition, steering the vehicle on the road will be much less of a hassle.

Make sure the heaviest items are toward the cab and against the walls to ensure that the load is distributed uniformly. Items of a medium weight should be stacked atop those of a heavier weight, with the lightest items being placed atop the load and closest to the truck’s front.

Ready to move? We are here to help with all your moving needs in Lansing, MI, and beyond. For more on our truck fleet and truck moving service, contact us directly!


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