Five Things To Consider Before Moving In Michigan

Before Moving In Michigan

Five Things To Consider Before Moving In Michigan

Moving to a new home is all about new beginnings and starting afresh. It can also become stressful when you consider packing, cleaning and arranging movers to help on your big day. But, with a little preparation and help from an amazing moving company in Michigan, you can remove the stress and move into your new place smoothly. Here are five things to consider before moving.

Find Movers In Lansing, Michigan

If you’re in Lansing, Michigan, the first step is to find movers you are happy with. Look for a company that has a good track record and awesome reviews. Make sure they can handle all your household items, and have the labor and trucks big enough for oversized items, like pianos, if you have these. Next, secure that moving date so that your movers will be available to assist you on the day.

Fragiles & Furniture

When you choose a moving company in Michigan, find out how they deal with fragile items and furniture. Ideally, you want to go with a company that has experience in this aspect and has the relevant equipment to wrap your furniture to avoid scratches or other damage. The last thing you want is precious family heirlooms or glass ornaments to be shattered during your move. So if you have anything fragile, pack it in a separate box that will stay with you at all times, or find out if your movers can keep them safe.


Once your belongings are moved out, you’ll need to clean the interior. After a long day of packing, save yourself the backache, time and stress by using a moving company that offers cleaning as part of their services. Some companies might even offer to assist with the packing, so this is a huge plus. Once your items are neatly packed in boxes and labeled, check that you’ve removed all items from cupboards and drawers and let the experts tackle your moving-out cleaning process.

Truck Loading & Unloading

Before you move, it’s important to consider the size of the truck you will need. Discuss with your moving company what size they would recommend, and ask about their experience with loading and unloading moving trucks. Make sure that the team is 100% trustworthy and will not damage any of your possessions during the process.

Bills & Transfers

Before you make that final move, you need to pay all your utility bills and transfer relevant accounts to your new address to avoid confusion or hassles at a later stage. Sooner than later, you will have to update your official documentation and billing addresses with your new details, but give yourself a little time to settle in and enjoy your new home first!

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